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Dusty Ole Customs

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Dusty Roads C3 crafting heirloom quality furniture, ttrpg accessories and rustic home decor.

At Dusty Roads C3, we’re not your average furniture store. We’re a passionate bunch of wood whisperers (some might say splintered veterans) who live for the thrill of crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that perfectly fit your needs. Unlike mass-produced furniture that resembles a wonky game of Tetris, we believe your home deserves something special, something with a soul (or at least some seriously good craftsmanship).

Our secret sauce? A healthy blend of tradition and innovation. We’ve inherited generations of woodworking wisdom, honed over years of calloused hands and questionable jokes about termites. But we’re not stuck in the past. We embrace modern techniques and tools like a squirrel discovering a particularly fancy nut. This dynamic duo allows us to tackle any project, from classic curio cabinets to that utterly bizarre chicken coop design your in-laws requested (hey, no judgement here!).

Dusty Roads C3 crafting heirloom quality furniture, ttrpg accessories and rustic home decor.

The beauty of custom work lies in its flexibility. Need a bookshelf that doubles as a secret passage to your Narnia-esque reading nook? We can build it. Craving a coffee table shaped like a giant seashell (don’t ask, it’s been a long week)?

Challenge accepted! We work closely with you to understand your vision, no matter how outlandish it may seem (though we politely reserve the right to intervene if real flames are involved).

So, if you’re tired of furniture that looks like it showed up at your door in a cardboard box labeled “Meh,” come on down to Dusty Roads C3. We’ll unleash our inner wood elves and create a piece that not only complements your space but becomes a cherished conversation starter (or maybe just a source of amusement for your slightly bewildered neighbours).

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Sunday: closed

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Dusty Roads C3 creating custom personalized gifts & heirloom quality rustic wood decor

The customized leather portfolio is beautiful! Adam was amazing to work with during the design process and provided outstanding service. The holiday back log caused a shipping delay with USPS and Adam provided great communication throughout the entire process. I won’t hesitate to order from this company again. Would highly recommend!

Lisa W.

Last Minute Gift for the Boss

Lisa W.

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