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Dusty Ole Bedrooms

So you’ve dreamt of sleeping soundly in the embrace of nature, but pine cones digging into your back just aren’t your style? Here at Dusty Roads C3, bespoke woodworkers with more heritage than a family tree convention, we can help you transform a rough log into a rustic showstopper for your bedroom.

Sure, some folks might suggest hauling a whole darn tree inside, but let’s be honest, that’s a recipe for disaster (and angry landlords). Instead, we use our expertise – think generations of know-how fused with fancy newfangled tools – to craft a stunning log bed that’s as sturdy as a moose and as comfortable as a mama bear’s rug (minus the shedding, of course).

Whether you crave a classic log cabin vibe or a more modern take on rustic, our team will work with you to design a bed that’s as unique as you are. So ditch the futon and embrace the call of the wild (well, the slightly tamer version) with a custom rustic log bed from Dusty Roads C3.