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About Us

Dusty Roads C3 crafting custom heirloom quality home furniture, ttrpg gaming accessories & rustic home decor.

Our History

There is no better feeling than being able to walk out of the workshop and onto the land to choose the wood used in Dusty Roads C3 projects. Being able to walk around the homestead, which has been in his family for generations, to choose the perfect tree is one of my favorite steps in the carpentry process. It is a peaceful, relaxing moment before the work begins. I allow the wood to speak to me, from the moment the tree is chosen and throughout the process as it is turned into a client’s dream. 

I spent over fifteen years as a firefighter paramedic, and to now own and operate a carpentry business feels like the culmination of generations of dreams. Dusty Roads C3 is my passion project and is often the form of palliative care for the trauma and PTS that resulted from my previous career. By working with wood, often felled from my own land, I find joy and contentment in the art of creating. 

Tradition and Passion

Dusty Roads C3 takes pride in the long-term use of its creations by the families who trust them with their dreams. As a company, it strives to preserve as much of nature as possible in its work, listening to the wood and following its lead. I am hands-on at all levels of the business and work hard to create a working relationship with clients so that I can translate their ideas into beautiful woodwork creations. My own home is filled with beautiful carpentry, from a bed frame created from an axe-felled black birch to kitchen cabinets made from red oak, both trees harvested from the family land. Dusty Roads C3 has a custom-built a saw mill on the property to turn the native timber into lumber, with everything planed and finished on site. Our skill has been used to create cabinets for pantries and kitchens, custom doors, toolboxes, travel caddies, urns for those in mourning, ornaments, and gift boxes for small businesses and private use. They work hard to create anything a client can dream up, producing beautiful work that will last for generations to come. 

Meet Our Team



Meet the one-man sawdust symphony, the sole wood whisperer of Dusty Roads C3: Adam! Don’t let the charming smile fool you, this lumberjack with a diploma (probably in wizardry, who can say?) has crafted heirloom-quality furniture, battle-ready gamer goodies, and rustic decor that would make even a grizzly bear say, “Now that’s some fine craftsmanship!” A master of both the power tool and the witty one-liner, Adam is your portal to bespoke wood magic, so step right up and let the sawdust fly!

Dusty Roads C3 crafting custom heirloom quality home furniture, ttrpg gaming accessories & rustic home decor.
Dusty Roads C3 crafting custom heirloom quality home furniture, ttrpg gaming accessories & rustic home decor.


Chief Product Taster

As Chief Product Taster, Waylen utilizes his superior sense of smell and unwavering enthusiasm to ensure every handcrafted piece at Dusty Roads C3 is not only visually stunning but also completely drool-proof. (Don’t worry, human customers, his slobbery inspections are purely aesthetic in nature.) When he’s not busy conducting rigorous quality control, Waylen enjoys greeting customers with enthusiastic tail wags and napping strategically in sawdust piles.

Dusty Roads C3 crafting custom heirloom quality home furniture, ttrpg gaming accessories & rustic home decor.

Carbon Neutral Pledge

Dusty Roads C3 operates on a very straightforward philosophy – work closely with nature. 

In fact, we remain committed to our planet by maintaining a net zero and negative carbon footprint. This value is very important to us as a company, and we aim to continue achieving this goal throughout our operations. 

Our Environmentally Friendly Methods

We achieve this goal by making a few fundamental changes to the way we operate. On our homestead, we have over 20 acres of carbon-absorbing trees. We also use “no-till” farming to grow up to 60% of our produce. This farming method keeps the carbon deep in the soil where it belongs rather than escaping unnecessarily.

Through our goal of remaining close to nature, we continue to look for opportunities to reduce emissions and give back to our planet. 

Not Just Net Zero, but Negative 

Net zero is a recognized achievement for a company being responsible for its carbon footprint and managing a balance since the company began. Not only are we net zero, but we maintain a negative carbon footprint.

The resulting efforts mean we remove more CO2 from the environment than we produce. As of 2022, we are proud to report that Dusty Roads C3 has a CO2 score of -32 tons!! 

The reality is we can stay in business, thus affording to continue to maintain our homestead and help our earth because of humans like you. Because of your commitment to us, we are committed equally to you and our planet. 

Our Carbon Emissions Promise

At Dusty Roads C3, we promise to maintain a neutral or negative carbon emissions balance for the life of the company. We have been achieving this goal, and we pledge to continue to do so in support of our values and our community. 

Recent Projects